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15.17. Roll Back to Original Version

From time to time you may need to roll back to the original of a particular document (the document that has not been OCR'd).  This functionality has been available for some time but has been exposed in the user interface in builds of Symphony OCR that are version 6.4.44 and higher.

In order to "roll back" a file that has been OCR'd to it's original version:

  • Open the Symphony OCR interface (see Accessing Symphony OCR)
  • Perform a "Look up" or "Query" for the document using the "Lookup Document" link in the navigation panel on the left hand side of the Symphony OCR Window (see Checking the Status of a Document)
  • In the "Details" area of the Document Status window, select the link "Roll Back"

  • This will restore the original version to your document repository so that you can grab it.  And in addition, Symphony OCR places the document in the Backlog's "Reprocessing" list to be reprocessed at a later date (Symphony OCR waits until the Finder locates the document again, and then reprocesses).

 Note:  If you do not want the document to be reprocessed, you can move it to the "Ignore" list.  This will ensure that Symphony OCR does not re-OCR the document.


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