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2.3. F-Locking a document or set of documents

Now that we have created a search template to locate the documents you need to F-Lock quickly, it's time to actually learn the procedure for F-Locking.

First, a word of caution: 

Word of Caution:  F-Locking a document or set of documents is very simple procedure, however it is permanent behavior.  There is no way for either a user or an administrator to modify or change the document back to non-WORM behavior.

To F-Lock document(s):

  • Perform the search for the document(s) you wish to lock
  • Select the documents you wish to lock


Tip:  Selecting CTRL+A on your keyboard will select all documents in your search results list

  • From the Worldox Menu, select "File -> Legal Hold -> F-lock"

  • Once you have selected F-Lock, you will receive the following message:

  • Review the list of documents by clicking the drop down arrow next to "Click here to review list"
  • If you have documents in the list that you do not wish to lock, you will want to repeat the steps above only for those applicable documents.  This operation cannot be undone, so you want to ensure you have the appropriate documents in your list.
  • After review, if you are ready to proceed, click "Proceed"
  • Once the files have been locked, you will receive a confirmation dialog.

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