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3.4. Create an Encrypted Zip File

Now we are ready to burn the files from your C:\Temp\Archive folder to CD / DVD
Select all files (Ctrl+A) in the C:\Temp\Archive folder, including the Index file
Right-click and select WinZip > Add to Zip file...
Enter the name of the archive file "Compliance Report xx-xx-xx" where the X's are replaced with the dates you are working with
Check the box to "Encrypt added files"
Click the "Add" button
A message may appear regarding various encryption methods available.  Click "OK" to the message
Enter, and re-enter the password
Select "256 Bit Encryption"

IMPORTANT: It is critical that you use the password that your firm has agreed to for archiving compliance documents.

Click "OK" to add the files to the new zip file and close WinZip
The Zip file is now ready to burn to a CD/DVD

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