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8.5. Worldox User Administration

Worldox Professional

Add a New User

Adding a new user to Worldox is relatively simple.  Before you begin the process however, it is important to obtain the user's Windows login.  You'll want to do that before following these instructions:
  • In WDAdmin, select Edit > Users (How do I open WDAdmin?)

  • From the WDAdmin - Edit > Users window, click the green plus (+) button to add a new user

  • The User > Add window will open

  • Enter the Worldox User Code you want to assign to the user (normally the same as the Windows username, but codes are limited to 8 characters) and select the Active User checkbox

  • If the Windows login name is not the same as the Worldox user code (i.e. their Windows login in longer than 8 characters), populate the Login Name field with the user's Windows login name:

  • Enter the user's full name in the Display Name field as you wish it to appear (your firm may prefer first+last or last+first - be consistent with your other users!):

  • Select "Save"

  • At the top of the screen, choose "Users -> Repair"  

    • On older versions of Worldox Choose "Users -> Reindex" 

  • Choose "Yes" to begin repairing

Power User Rights

If you'd like to make the new user a Power User (this gives them the ability to save global templates and preferences and add/edit/delete categories and docytpes), visit Power User Rights for instructions on making them a Power User.

Add a User to Security Group(s)

If your firm has Worldox security applied, you will also need to add the new user to the applicable security groups.  Otherwise, they will not have access to any cabinets or files.  To add the user to the appropriate security group(s), visit Add a User to a Security Group.


Worldox Cloud

Trumpet, Inc. will coordinate adding new users for you.  Please submit your requests to add/remove users to Trumpet at https://www.tfaforms.com/4631377.


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