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7.1. Secure a File

From time to time, you might have a document that you need to secure.  Perhaps it's a template of the document or another document that you want to make "read-only" to ensure that your complicated formulas stay in tact or just so something doesn't get overwritten.  If it's an occasional document here and there, you can add file level security. 

  • Highlight the document you wish to secure and select the "Security" button in Worldox
  • The Worldox Security Classifications window will open.

Determine which level of security you would like to apply to the document:
  • Custom - allows you to set specific rights, such as allowing certain users to view or delete and not others. For example, if a partner needs the ability to restrict access to everyone except the firm's bookkeeper, they can customize privileges per user.  File level security is applied on a document by document basis.  An example of a document that would require custom security might be a spreadsheet containing employees' annual salaries.
    • Select "Add User" to add a specific user and define the rights on the right hand side of the window.
  • Private - restricts anyone but you from doing anything with the file, including being able to search for it 
    • Note:  Another way to ensure sensitive documents are secure is to password protect them.
  • SemiPriv - forces everyone else to only open a read-only copy of the file  (this is probably what you'll use the most, as its great for templates and things like that)
You can create and use additional Security Classifications if you'd like.  For more information see:  Create Security Classifications
Important: Users with Worldox Manager Rights will always have full permissions to view / edit documents.  As with any software application, with enough knowledge of the system, someone may be able to work around security privileges to view documents.  You have the ability to create multiple levels of security both via Worldox and at the network level.  Consult with Trumpet and / or your system administrators to obtain the desired level of security for your files.

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