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2.1. Purpose & Fundamentals

Purpose of Document Management

One of the primary functions of Worldox document management software is to make documents easy to find by many different people who may think of information in different ways. 

This goal is achieved by:

  1. saving documents consistently and
  2. providing many different methods (using indexing) for finding files

Worldox guides users to save documents with relevant information to make searching intuitive and efficient.

Fundamentals of Worldox

  • In order to save and search for documents using Worldox, you must have Worldox open
  • Worldox manages collections of documents, organized into cabinets (sometimes called "Profile Groups")
  • Each document in a cabinet has a profile associated with it
  • The fields in a document's profile are dependent on which cabinet the document resides in
  • Each document has an assigned Doc ID (this is just one part of a document's profile, but it's a really important part)
  • Each profile within a cabinet has a number of fields
  • Most fields are tied to a code lookup table
  • Each code within a lookup table has a description associated with it

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