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1.1. Instructional Goals

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Define the purpose of Document Management
  • List the 8 Fundamentals of Worldox
  • Edit the Profile of Multiple Documents at Once
  • Define Code Look Up Tables
  • Describe the underlying folder structure of Worldox's Document Repository
  • Edit a Worldox Code
  • Define the purpose of the Audit Trail
  • Perform an Audit Trail Query on a single document
  • Perform an Audit Trail Query based on Events
  • Perform an Audit Trail Query based on Users
  • Print Multiple files at once
  • Print a list of your documents
  • List two types of Document Repositories in Worldox
  • Search the Salvage Bin Repository
  • Restore Documents from the Salvage Bin Repository
  • Secure a File
  • Provide the Network Path for the Worldox Administrator Program
  • Password protect the Worldox Administrator Program
  • Integrate Worldox with other applications
  • Add a New Worldox User
  • Add a Worldox user to security groups
  • Describe the Indexer and what it does
  • Describe what happens if the Indexer isn't running
  • Describe how to locate newly saved documents if the indexer isn't running
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