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5.1. Introduction to the Navigation Panel

Worldox Professional

To access Worldox's Navigation Panel, simply click on the Navigation Panel button in Worldox:


 There are several tools in the navigation panel which include:

  • Worklist Matters - This is a list of your most recently used files in their underlying folder structure if you prefer to navigate in this manner.

  • Cabinets - This provides you with a quick view of your Worldox cabinet structure and the documents within it if you prefer to navigate in this manner.

  • My Computer - This provides you with a folder structure overview of your folder and the network drives you have access to.  This is similar to viewing your network directory structure via Windows Explorer.

  • Workspaces - Allows you to create custom Workspaces for files that you commonly associate with one another.

  • Workflows - Allows you to create workflow structures and view the workflows you may have been assigned to (available with the Productivity Suite)

  • Bookmarks - Allows you to have a list of bookmarks or common searches for files.

To see any of these areas, you simply click on the item in the panel, and it will display at the top of the panel.

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