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4.5. Edit the Profile Card of a Document

Profile Button

Each document in a Worldox cabinet has a profile card associated with it.  If you need to change the profile card associated with that document, you can edit it.

Here's how:

  • Perform a Worldox search for the document whose profile you wish to edit.

  • Highlight the file whose profile you wish to edit and click the Edit Metadata button at the top of the screen. 

    The Worldox - Edit Profile screen will appear.
  • Make any applicable changes and select "OK"

Search Results Screen

You can edit the description of a document (the description only) in the search results screen.

To edit the description, highlight the document in the search results screen and single left click the document.

This will place a box around the document with a green check to the right

Place your cursor in the box and perform the necessary edits.  Then, either click the green check box or click off of the description to save your changes

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