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3.10. Use a Portion of the Fields (Wildcards)

While file Naming Conventions are important, we all make errors when typing, or we might pluralize a word when someone else wouldn't.  For example, one user might file both a Federal and State Tax Return as one document and profile that document as Tax Returns.  Another user might file those as two separate documents and profile one as  Federal Tax Return, and the other as State Return.

You can search for a portion of the word you wish to search.  Worldox will automatically search for any word that starts with that text.

Select Search

This example will find documents that have a word in the description column that start with the word "return" like returning, returns, returned, etc

If you wish to find documents that only contain the word return (without any additions), you can place quotes around the word like:

You can also place an asterisk at the beginning of the word or at the end of the word, but not both.  For example, if you type in *balance - this search will pull documents that refer to either a balance or an imbalance

Note:  You can use the wildcard in *any* field.  So if you have multiple Doc Types that begin with CORR, (e.g. CORR3RD, CORRIN, CORROUT, you can Type into the search field "CORR*" to retrieve all types of correspondence in one search.

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