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3.7. Use Date Fields

Two of the key date fields by which you can search for files via Worldox are:

  • Date Created — the date the file was originally saved to the network
  • Date Modified — the date that the last change was made to the document.

Note:  If there have been no modifications, the Date Modified will be the same as the Date Created.

To Search By Date:

  • Select the appropriate date field

  • Select either a Date Range, or a Single Date

    • If you select the drop down on the right hand side, you are provided with a Calendar.  Most users prefer this method.

  • Select Ok

Tip:  If you click on the Month in the Calendar, you are provided with a list of months and if you click on the Year you can scroll up and down through the years.  This is very handy when searching several months or years in the past.

Tip:  If you are searching for a document that was created from a template, search by date modified.  The date created on the file will reflect the date the template was created, whereas the modified date will reflect the date the copied document was last updated.

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