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4.3. Shortcuts for Saving Documents

Code Look Up Tables

Use the Scroll Bar

Using the scroll bar is one method of finding a value in a field code lookup table (there are faster ways which we will cover in the following pages).  Simply scroll up and down through the table until you find your selection.

Type to your Choice

Rather than scrolling through the code lookup table, you might opt to click in the table and begin typing.  This will take you to the value you're looking for within the table.

Note:  Selecting the up and down arrows (or using the up and down arrows on your keyboard) will take you to the next and previous selections that matches the criteria you have typed.

Select Linked Fields

When you select the first of the linked fields (e.g., "Category") then select the second linked field (e.g., "Doc Type"), you are presented only with a list of the values that are linked to the first field, which narrows your choice and makes your selection easier. 

For example, after selecting the "Benefits" category in the profile card, the DocType lookup table only displays doctypes that are linked to the Benefits category:

If you do not know which category a particular document type is listed under, you can begin by selecting the Doc Type field button.  This will list all doc types, organized by category.  Selecting the linked doc type first will automatically pre-fill the category into the profile card.

Note:  You can combine this method with Type-to-your-Choice.

Filter Active and Inactive Entries in Code Look Up Tables

Each entry in a field code lookup table can be "flagged" as active or inactive.  You may wish to filter your table by only active codes.  To filter for entries flagged as active or inactive, select the appropriate icon in the field code lookup table.

Profile Card

Use Drop Down Arrow

Worldox remembers the last few field code lookup values you have selected in past saves, and provides you with a drop-down arrow that includes those entries.

To access the list, simply click the drop-down arrow on the right-hand side of the field:

This can be very useful if you're saving a number of documents for the same client.

Note: If you'd like to remove entries from your drop-down list then you can click the arrow to open the drop down list, then right-click on the entry (or entries) and then click back out of the list to close it. When you open it again, those entries will have been removed.

This is what it looks like when you right click on the entry. There is a little red line on the left indicating what will be removed, you can toggle that if you select the wrong entry.

Quick Profile Templates

Introduction to Quick Profile Templates

Quick Profile templates are another method for populating the Worldox profile card. The purpose of using Quick Profile templates is two-fold:

  1. Ensure documents are being saved consistently
  2. Increase efficiency by populating multiple field values at once

You can view the Quick Profile templates by selecting the Quick Profiles tab on the left hand side of the Profile Card:

Double-clicking on a Quick Profile template will pre-fill the profile card with the information included in that template.

You may create personal Quick Profile templates, which will be visible only to you.  Or, if you have Power User rights, you may create public Quick Profile templates.  These will be listed available for all users to see.

Use Quick Profile Templates

Access the Quick Profile templates by selecting the "Quick Profile Template" tab on the left hand side of your profile card:

You can simply double-click on any of the Quick Profile templates to populate your profile card.

The values that will be populated are "template like" in nature and will not include things that are specific to the document, like the client or account number.

If you wish to make the Quick Profile Tab always visible (and not have to select it each time), right click on the quick profile template and choose "Make default"

Set a Default Cabinet for Saving

You may find that you tend to save documents in one cabinet more than another, but yet Worldox defaults to a different cabinet.  While it's not overly arduous to switch between cabinets, you may want to choose a different "favorite" cabinet in which to save documents. To do so, simply select the cabinet from the drop down list:

And select the "Heart" icon next to Cabinet.

The "red" heart indicates that you've set that as your favorite cabinet.

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