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4.1. Introduction to the Document Profile & Code Lookup Tables

The first step in saving a document is to understand a document's Profile.

When you save a document to Worldox, you complete a Worldox profile for the document (aka, "profiling")

Here is an example of a Worldox profile card:

Select the drop down for the Cabinet Field will display a list of your cabinets.

The profile fields that appear are dependent on which cabinet you have selected.  Therefore, if you change the cabinet, the fields and their associated lookup tables will change as well.

The fields within the Profile are associated with Code Look Up Tables.

Code Look Up Tables

Understanding code lookup tables is fundamental to learning how to save and search for documents in Worldox.

What is a Code Look Up Table

A code look up table is a pre-defined list of items to choose from when saving a searching for documents.  Using values in code lookup tables ensures that everyone is filing consistently because for the most part, Worldox fields require that you select a value from the lookup table to file a document.

Viewing Code Tables

There are three ways to view a code look up table:

Option #1:  To view the field code lookup table, simply click on the label next to the field you'd like to view.

Option #2:  To view the field code look up table, select the drop down arrow on the right hand side of the field, and choose "Browse <Selected> Table"

Option #3:  To view the field code look up table, place your cursor in the field, and select F2 on your keyboard.

The Details

Each table contains both field codes and descriptions. 

Here is an example of a field code lookup table:

Some of the fields in the code lookup tables are linked to others.  For example, in the example below, the Doc Type table is linked to the Category table:

Another example is when Investment Accounts are linked to client names.  The values in the Acct No field are linked to the client code.

Worldox also allows you to flag entries as inactive or active.  Note in the illustration below, ALBEJO01 has a slightly different icon than ADAMGR1.  The red circle on the icon indicates that the client code is inactive.

You can still search for and save documents to inactive values, this is simply a visual indicator to you that that value is inactive.

You may wish to add additional Comments regarding the document when completing the Profile Card.

This is an optional field that allows you to type in comments regarding the document of which you are saving or editing the profile.  This can include anything you'd like it to, and is a free-form typing field.

If you'd like to add an additional comment, simply type in the description, then select "enter" on your keyboard.  This will take you to a second line and allow you to add any comments regarding the file:


Now that you understand the Profile and the Code Look Up Tables, we can save documents via Worldox.

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