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10.1. Column Headers*

Introduction to Column Headers

For a video see:  Worldox - Customizing Column Headers

Column headers are simply the columns that you can display in your Worldox Search Results Screen.  Here's an illustration pointing to the column headers:

The columns represent both meta data regarding the file, and the profile of the file that you have highlighted.

As you can see based on the teal font in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, this file highlighted is in the Client\Cabinet and the column headers are labeled for the field that is represented underneath for that file.  The last column when highlighted on this particular file is labeled "Status".

When we select a different file (in this instance we'll select one from the Client\Investment Accounts cabinet) the column headers will change according to the profile of the document.

Add Column Headers

If you are not displaying a column you would like to see, you can add it.

Left-click on an empty space in the column header section of the search results window
Select the desired fields to add from the drop down menu:

Move or Adjust Column Headers

-The column headers can be resized in order to show more or less data.  To resize them, simply hover your mouse over the edge of the header and drag it to make it narrower or wider.

-The column headers can be moved simply by dragging and dropping them to different spots on the column header bar.

-You can also use the "Best Fit" button to quickly adjust your columns automatically. Left Click on the orange button on the far right of your header bar.
Note: Right clicking on that same orange button will "undo" changes made to your headers and columns.

-You can also Right Click on a column header and select Best Fit [Column Name] to quickly adjust the size of that column to fit its contents.

Remove a Column Header

Left-click on the column heading you no longer want to view

Drag the column heading up or down
Release the mouse

Sort Column Headers

You can tell which column header is sorted on by the blue triangle next to the column.  You can sort by a single column or multiple (2) columns.

Sort by a Single Field:

To sort ascending, left-click on the header of the column in which you wish to sort.  To sort in descending order, hold down the Ctrl key and left-click on the header
  • A blue arrow will appear in that column header indicating the active sort

  • If the arrow is pointing up, the sort is in an ascending order.  If the arrow is pointing down, the sort is in a descending order

  • To change the direction of the sort, click on the same column header again

Sort by Multiple Fields:

  • Right-click on an empty space in the column header section of the search results window

  • Select "Set Multi-Level Sort"

  • Choose fields for the "Sort By" and "Then By" sequence.  Then select Ascending (A to Z) or Descending (Z to A) for each selection and click "OK"

  • The sort format will stay in effect until you change it

    Note:  The Sort window will only display the fields available in the Column Headers

Create Column Header Templates

You can save your Column Headers as Templates for future use. 

To Create a Column Header Template:

  • Add, remove, resize, and sort the columns in the way you would like them to appear in the template.
  • Right-click in a blank space on your column header bar
  • Select "Save Column Template"
  • Type in a name for your header in the Template Name field.
  • Click "OK"
Note: If you are a Worldox Power User or Manager, you can make a header template available to all users.

Use Column Header Templates

Right-click in a blank space on your column header 

Select "Open Column Template"
Click on the desired header template

Associate a Column Header with a Find Template

You may wish to associate a Column Header to a specific Find Template so that your columns are appropriate to the type of search you are performing.

  • Open a Search Card

  • Select Options > Edit Template

  • Double click on the template for which you'd like to associate the column header template

  • Click "Search" to execute a search

  • Save the Column Header Template

  • Select the "Associate with this type of list: <template name>" radio button

  • Save for Everyone if you'd like to apply the column header for everyone who uses this search template.  Otherwise, click "Only Me" to save for just yourself. Note that the "Everyone" option will be available only to users who have the ability to make global changes.

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