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6.1. Search for Documents in Worldox

The first step in searching for documents in Worldox is to understand the Search Card.  We will cover in-depth Searching training in your Savvy Searching Session, for now, we will cover the steps to find the documents that you have currently filed.  There are, of course, many more advanced techniques but this will provide you with the basics.

Introduction to the Search Card

Each document filed to Worldox has a profile card associated with it.  Therefore, in order to find a particular document, you'll enter information associated with the profile card into a search card in order to search for the file.

Here's an example of a search card:

There is a divider in the search card (the Cabinet field) which visually separates the fields on the bottom from those on the top. The fields on the bottom half are based on field code lookup tables specific to the document's profile.  The fields on the top are common among all filing cabinets.

Non-Code Lookup Table Fields (Metadata)

Here is a brief description of what each of the fields in the top portion of the search card search for:

Name - Searches for a word or words used in the Description or Comments fields of the profile card

Date Modified - Searches the date that a file was most recently modified (when a change was made to the document).  If no changes have been made to the document, the Date Modified is the same as the Date Created

Date Created - Searches the date that a file was created (this is based on when the file was created in Windows - not necessarily when it was first saved into Worldox)

Date Accessed - Searches the date a file was last accessed

Text in File - Searches for keywords or phrases *within* the actual document

Code Lookup Table Fields

Click on the "Cabinet" button.  This displays a list of all of your cabinets.

The fields that appear on the search card are dependent on which cabinet(s) you have selected.

Each field is tied to a field code lookup table.  This is an example of a field code lookup table:

Note: These are the *same* code lookup tables that you use when you save a document.

Each code lookup table has two values: a code and a description.  

The code lookup tables for each field are different.

To select an entry in the code lookup table, simply double-click on it.

When you select an entry, the search field becomes populated with the code you selected.

In order to search for a document saved in Worldox, you simply fill in the field(s) you wish to search and select "Search".

Search for all documents in a Cabinet

To begin searching, open a Worldox search card.  You can do so by selecting the binoculars button in the Worldox interface. 

Select the "Cabinet" button, and select the cabinet you wish to search within.

To retrieve ALL documents within a single cabinet, select "Search"

Search for all documents in Multiple Cabinets

You may have a need to search for files located across multiple cabinets.

  • To select multiple cabinets, choose the Cabinet button and select the check box next to each cabinet you want to include in your search

  • Double-click on one of the cabinets, or select the green check mark

  • The fields displayed will only include fields that are in all of the selected cabinets.

    For example, if you select only the Client cabinet, you will see the following fields:

If you select the Accounts cabinet you will see these fields

When selecting both cabinets, you will only see the fields that are the same (so in this instance, Client, DocType, Status and Filed By):

  • Enter your search criteria, and select "Search"

Search using Code Look Up Tables

Here we will focus on filling in the code lookup tables, or the items below the divider line.  The divider line is the "Cabinet" field.

In order to search for documents, you fill information into the search card for the document or set of documents for which you are looking.

In the illustration below, we are looking for documents filed to the Investment Accounts cabinet, where the profile includes the code associated with Candace Clark - "CLARCA1" in the Client field.  You can select the items in the field code lookup tables by selecting the button on the left, and selecting the appropriate entry from the table.

If you want your search results to include documents filed to the Client cabinet, where the profile is for third party correspondence for Candace Clark, your "filled in" search card with values from descriptive lookup tables would look like this:

The general rule of thumb is that the more fields that are completed the narrower your search results will be.

In addition, you need not search by client at all.  You can certainly search for all documents that meet any given criteria.  For example, you might want to find all third party correspondence for all clients.  Simply select the appropriate Category and Doc Type fields, leaving the Client field blank.

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