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3.5. Save a Document - Outside of Worldox

With files other than Word / Excel 2013 and higher

When Worldox is open, you will be prompted to fill in the Worldox profile card any time you attempt to save a document.  However, you may not want to file this particular document to Worldox.  For example, you might not yet have a place to file this particular type of document, or you might not want to save your son's soccer schedule to Worldox.

To save a document outside of Worldox:

  • When the profile card opens, right-click on the title bar and choose "Save Outside Worldox"

  • This will open your normal Windows Explorer network directory "Save As" prompt where you can save your file outside of Worldox

Note:  Selecting "Cancel" in the lower right hand corner of the profile card cancels the save entirely, meaning you have not saved your file - neither via Worldox or outside of Worldox.

With files that are Word / Excel 2013 and higher

Select "File -> Save As" and choose the "Browse" button:

This will circumvent the Worldox save dialog from popping.

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