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3.4. Quick Profile Templates

Introduction to Quick Profile Templates

Quick Profile templates are another method for populating the Worldox profile card. The purpose of using Quick Profile templates is two-fold:

  1. Ensure documents are being saved consistently
  2. Increase efficiency by populating multiple field values at once

You can view the Quick Profile templates by selecting the Quick Profiles tab on the left hand side of the Profile Card:

Double-clicking on a Quick Profile template will pre-fill the profile card with the information included in that template.

You may create personal Quick Profile templates, which will be visible only to you.  Or, if you have Power User rights, you may create public Quick Profile templates.  These will be listed available for all users to see.

Create Quick Profile Templates

Quick Profile templates are easy to create. Since these are templates, when creating a new template, only pre-populate the fields in which a static value will always apply (such as Status or Doc Type).  In other words, typically, you will not want to specify a client when creating a template, as that will hard code that same client's name every time that template is used.

Here's how to create a Quick Profile template:

Note:  To access the tool for creating Quick Profile templates, you must be in the process of saving a document. 

From the Profile card, select the "Quick Profiles" tab on the left hand side:

Select the "Add" button to add a new quick profile template

Select the cabinet that this Quick Profile should use

Use the field code lookup tables to populate the fields that should be used in this template

Tip: To automatically pre-populate the Filed By field with the name of the person that is using the Quick Profile, use the *WDUSER formula.

Add the Description you wish to use as a naming convention (use placeholders where applicable)

Select OK

Give the Quick Profile template a meaningful name

If you would like the Quick Profile template to only be visible for you, select "Only Me", if you would like everyone to be able to access it, choose "Everyone".

Select OK


You have now created a Quick Profile template!  This template will now appear in alphabetical order when selecting the Quick Profile Tab.

Add Naming Conventions to Quick Profile Templates

You can include a pre-defined document description in a Quick Profile template.  For example, you can provide a suggested name, like "Investment Advisory Agreement" or a naming convention "formula" to guide the user on how you would like a document to be titled.

To assign descriptions to your Quick Profile templates, simply add the naming convention or "formula" you'd like to use in the description field.

Here's an example of a naming convention:

Here's an example of a formula:

For example, using this naming guidance, the description of this document might be:  $15,000 quarterly

Organize Quick Profile Templates

Organizing Quick Profile templates allow you to group like templates together.  For example, you may want a folder for Agreements and within that folder, you might have a "Financial Planning Agreement" and an "Investment Advisory Agreement" Quick Profile template.  Another option that may be useful is to group Quick Profile templates by the department who will utilize them.


Here's how to create the folder structure:

  • Select the "Quick Profile" tab from the Profile Card
  • Right Click on a Quick Profile and choose "Edit"
  • Select "Save"
  • When naming the Quick Profile template, title it first with the name of the folder (e.g., Agreement), followed by a backslash (\) then the name of the template (e.g., Investment Advisory Agreement)
  • Select "OK"

The value before the backslash will create a folder with that name.

Use Quick Profile Templates

Access the Quick Profile templates by selecting the "Quick Profile Template" tab on the left hand side of your profile card:

You can simply double-click on any of the Quick Profile templates to populate your profile card.

The values that will be populated are "template like" in nature and will not include things that are specific to the document, like the client or account number.

If you wish to make the Quick Profile Tab always visible (and not have to select it each time), right click on the quick profile template and choose "Make default"

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