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1.5. Urgent Requests

If your issue is urgent, we have a method to attach priority notification to your ticket during normal support hours (M-F 8am-4pm MST).

Examples of urgent issues:
> You are a Trumpet client using Worldox and you cannot access your documents, even when searching in non-indexed mode. Described here: Perform a Search Without Using the Indexes
> You are an Assemblage (or some subset thereof) client of Trumpet and you are hitting errors that are preventing you from running or delivering reports.
> You are a Symphony Channel Partner and you have an urgent issue.
> Actual zombies (not just a herd of people aimlessly roaming about looking down at their smartphones) are at your door.

Examples of non-urgent issues:
> You are having trouble saving a file into Worldox. Remember you can always save a file to your desktop and then drop it into the WorkZone icon.
> AttachPlus issues.
> You don't know what you should your name my new puppy. (The answer is 'Spike'. Especially if it's a Chihuahua.)

How to escalate:
If your issue is one of the items in the urgent list above, reply to the support email with ONLY the keyword in the text of the email:

Current keyword: Escalate01

This will trigger priority notification at Trumpet.

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