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20.5. Customize Tile Layouts

You can also customize the number of columns, the number of rows presented, and the spacing in between them.  To make these adjustments:

  • Select the gear icon
  • Select "Tile columns/layout"
  • Make the appropriate selections from the Tile Columns/layout window:
    • Layout -
      • Max columns per row - the number of columns that will appear in your search results screen
      • Pixels between columns - the amount of blank space between the columns
      • Pixels between rows - the amount of blank space between the rows
    • File Lists
      • Frame them - put a box around each tile
      • Max lines:  Number of lines per tile
      • Min Width (pixels):  the minimum width of the column in pixels
  • Select the appropriate Save tile layout (If you have power user rights, you can make the change "Everyone" or "Only Me")
  • Select OK
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