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20.4. Customize File Lists within Tile View

To customize the file lists within the Tile view:

  • Select the gear icon:
  • Select Line Fonts/Colors/Spacing
  • The Display > Customize > File List window will appear:
  • Clicking on the button under "Click to set font/color" will allow you to customize the color of the font, the Above and Below pixels will size the area above and below
    • Group Label - This is the way the Label for each Tile will appear. 
    • 1st file Line (per cols) - This is the way the document's first line will appear
    • + [Property] Label: Value - This is the way the property values below the first line will appear
    • [Text hits] Label:  Value -  This is the way the font will display if you do searches based on the "Name" of the file
    • [Checked Out] Label:  Value - This is the way the Checked out label will display
    • [Workflow] Label: Value - This is the way the workflow (if you have Productivity Suite) will display
    • Comments -The way comments will display
    • Stripe alternate lines - checking this check box will display every other line in grey font
    • Property line:  This is a list of properties that you can display per document
      • Choose which "Properties" regarding the document you wish to display by right clicking in the dark grey area and choosing the properties.
  • If you have power user rights, you can choose to "Save this style list for "Everyone" or "Only Me".  Be sure to select the appropriate choice for your firm.
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