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23.3. Add a document to Favorites

If you are working with or referring to a particular file frequently, you may wish to add that document to your Favorites. 

  • To add a document to your favorites, select the heart icon next to the document:

    Note:  a dark red icon indicates that the file is a favorite.
  • If you do not have the Favorite column, you can either add it (see Column Headers) or you can right click on the document and choose "Favorite Files -> Add"

These documents will be assigned to the category "My Chosen Favorites". 

Adding a Document to a custom Group in Favorites:

If you've created Groups in your Favorites and you'd like to add a document to a Favorite Group then you'll need to access your Favorites through the left tab panel.

  • Pop out the left panel of tabs by clicking on the > arrow at the very top of the tabs.
  • Click on the Favorite Files tab.
  • In the top left corner of the Favorite Files panel, you'll see a View style option. You can swap from Flat View to Tree View. Switch to Tree View.
  • Now drag and drop your file into your desired group.
    • If you don't have a group yet then use the +Add button to create one!

If you have a problem dragging and dropping then make sure you a) have the left pane popped out, so that it doesn't minimize when you move your mouse away, and b) ensure you're in Tree View, drag and drop doesn't work in Flat View.

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