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38.2. CapturePerfect Integration

Worldox Professional

Trumpet does not recommend using CapturePerfect as a scanning interface for a number of reasons:

  • CapturePerfect requires specifying the Save As file path *before* the scan can occur.  This makes it impossible for Worldox to properly detect that a given scan was successful.  Scanning software that scans the document, *then* prompts for the destination filename is much preferred.

  • CapturePerfect does not always save files with the names you specify.  If the user settings are not set up properly, CapturePerfect will sometimes append additional digits to the end of the filename - this prevents Worldox from knowing where the scanned document actually gets saved.

Forcing CapturePerfect to Name Output Files Properly

If you really, really want to use CapturePerfect, here is how to configure the workstation so CapturePerfect won't (hopefully) add additional characters to the end of the filenames it saves.  Note that these steps must be taken for each user:

  • Close Worldox

  • In CapturePerfect, click Scan->Scan Batch To File

  • This will display the native Scan Batch to File Setting dialog

  • Change the Type of batch separation drop down to be 'None'

  • Change the Save In folder to the desktop

  • Type 'test' into the Filename field, then click Save

  • This will scan to a test.pdf file on your desktop

  • Delete the test.pdf file on the desktop

  • Launch Worldox

  • Perform a scan and confirm that the document appears in Worldox

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