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36.15. Prevent Users from Deleting Files

You may wish to prevent users from deleting files and instead allow them only to select the "Move To Salvage Bin" option.  This ensures that you have 90 days to recover documents that may have been inadvertently deleted (note though that after 90 days, files in the Salvage Bin are permanently deleted.  To change the default purge period from 90 days, please email support@trumpetinc.com).

You can prevent all users from deleting files, or just certain users.  Here we'll provide instructions for both options:

Worldox Professional

Prevent all Users from Deleting Files

  • From the WDADMIN application, select the button for Worldox Preferences (also under: Edit > Preferences > Worldox)

  • Highlight the Category "Copy/ Move/Delete Options"
  • Double-click the "Allow Non-Salvage Delete" option to change the default setting to No, if desired
  • Select OK

  • Double-click the "Allow Delete Shredding" option to change the default setting to No, if desired

  • Select OK

Prevent Some Users from Deleting Files

  • Open WDAdmin (Open WDAdmin)

  • Go to Edit > Group Security

  • Select the 'Features' radio button at the top

  • Scroll (or type) down to File :: Delete and select it

  • The second column will display who has delete permissions

  • Above the second column, click the 'Add Users' icon (second from the left):

  • Check off the users you want to block from deleting files, then click the red 'Block' button
  • Save the security changes
  • Have the user log out and back in, then confirm that they no longer can delete files

Worldox Cloud

Please send an email to support@trumpetinc.com outlining whether you want to prevent all users from deleting documents, or just certain users.  If you'd only like certain users to have permissions to delete documents, include which users should have those permissions.

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