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36.3. Password Protecting the Admin Program

Worldox Professional

Because the Worldox Admin program is where you configure access to security groups, you may wish to password protect the application.

To do so:

  • Launch the Wdadmin.exe application

  • Select "Edit -> Passwords"

  • The Edit -> Passwords window will open:

  • Highlight "Enter WDADMIN" and select "Set"

  • The Enter Password window will open

  • Enter the Password in the Password and Re-Enter fields (the passwords must match)

  • Select OK

Important:  It is important that you communicate the WDADMIN password to Trumpet Support.  Not doing so will prevent us from being able to launch the Admin program to assist you in adding new cabinets and updating security.

Worldox Cloud

Trumpet, Inc. will be responsible for administering your Worldox document management system.  If you need assistance in any of the items in this chapter, please notify us by emailing support@trumpetinc.com.

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