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36.2. Open the Worldox Admin Program

Worldox Professional

The Worldox Admin program will be important for the Administrator to use.  This application allows you to add new users, assign them to appropriate security groups, enable integration with some applications, etc.

To access the Worldox administrator program:

  • Navigate to X:\Worldox\wdadmin.exe (where "X" is the drive letter on your network where Worldox is installed).

  • Double click on the wdadmin.exe program to launch.

Note:  If your firm has enabled Active Directory Security, you will only be able to access the Admin program from the Indexer workstation while logged on as the Indexer user.

Worldox Cloud

Trumpet, Inc. will be responsible for administering your Worldox document management system.  If you need assistance in any of the items in this chapter, please notify us by emailing support@trumpetinc.com.

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