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32.3. Perform an Audit on documents based on the event

You may wish to perform an audit on the documents based on the events that have occurred with them.  For example, you might want to find all documents that have been deleted, or all documents that have been saved.

To perform an audit based on the various events or activities performed on multiple documents:

  • Select "Audit -> Search" in your Worldox Menus

  • This will open the Audit Search Window:

  • Select the date range in which you wish to search along with the cabinet(s) and any applicable profile groups.

  • Select the "Events" button and the list of events will appear:

  • Select the event(s) you wish to search

  • Select the OK button.

  • This will perform the search and list all events matching your criteria in the window:

  • If you'd like to see more details about those events, you can simply double click on an entry.  This will open another window which will display the details of this particular audit trail record.

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