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26.3. Show Relationships

There are a couple of ways to show a document's relationships:

Add Relations to the Column Header

  • Left-click on the empty gray space in the header of your search results screen
  • Choose "Relations?"
  • This will show whether the documents you have selected have related files. It does not show which files are related, but it helps to identify that a relation exists.
  • To show related files, use one of the following methods:

Use the Relations tab

  • Highlight the document for which you would like to see the relationships
  • Click on the Relations tab at the bottom of your search results screen
  • The Relations window lists each of the documents related to the one you have highlighted in the search results window
  • Clicking the "Relations" button will open a new list containing the related files

Note:  You may wish to update your Style Sheet for Relations.


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