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23.1. Introduction to Favorites

Favorite Files were formerly also known as Worklist Files and are those files that you have recently saved or interacted with (whether you have saved them in the Worldox Document Repository or elsewhere on your network), or documents that you have specifically designated to be favorites.

You can also have "Favorites" in each of the code look up tables (these are dynamically built based on the the items in the Code Tables that you frequently utilize).

Ways To Access Favorite Files

You can access your Favorites Files by using the button at the top of your interface:

Or by using the Left pane. Accessing your favorites from the left pane can offer more versatility than using the button. Here you can create Groups to categorize your Favorite Files. You can also view your Favorites in Flat View or Tree View. In Tree View you can even drag and drop files from into your Groups."Application" favorites are documents that you've recently saved or accessed and are sorted by file type. "Personal" favorites are documents that you chose to add, and that is where your custom groups will be located. Double click on a category to view the documents within.

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