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17.6. Edit the Profile of Multiple Documents

There are circumstances where you may wish to make the same change to a profile for multiple documents.  For example, you may want to locate all pending documents and change the status to complete.

  • Perform a Worldox search for the field value you wish to change (e.g., Account Cabinet, status  = pending)

  • Select the files you wish to edit by clicking in the box next to each file you wish to edit.  To select all files in the search results screen, click Ctrl+ A

  • Click the Profile button

  • Select "Continue" to confirm your selection:
  • The Edit Profile Card window will open

  • Change the old field value to what you would now like it to be

  • IMPORTANT: Place an asterisk in each field where you want the field value to remain the same. For example If I wanted to adjust just the Client field on all 3 documents, then I'd use the drop down arrow, in each field I DON'T want to change, to select the asterisk. Like this

  • Select OK

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