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17.3. Delete a Document

  • To delete a file in Worldox, simply highlight the file and select the large red "X" icon 
  • You will be given 3 options:
    1. Move to Salvage Bin: similar to moving a document to your Recycle Bin in Windows in that the file can be un-deleted, if necessary.  However by default, documents will be purged from the Salvage Bin after 90 days, at which point the document will not be recoverable.  Should you like to change the 90-day purge default, please email support@trumpetinc.com.
    2. Delete: removes the file instantly and permanently, without putting it in the Salvage Bin.
    3. Shred: overwrites the file with nonsense and then removes from the server.
  • Select the appropriate choice for your circumstances (when in doubt, select "Move to Salvage Bin" as it can be recovered up until the purge date)
  • Click "OK"
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