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17.1. Open a Document

Worldox Professional & Cloud

To open a document in Worldox, simply double click on the document you wish to open in your search results screen.

Worldox will open the document using the appropriate application for that document.  In other words, Word documents will open in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint documents will open in Microsoft Powerpoint, etc.

Worldox Cloud

Note:  Opening the document in Worldox actually "checks out" the document to your local workstation.  When you close the document, Worldox will automatically check that document back in with your changes (if you opt to save the document).  You will want to ensure that you have your documents closed and checked back in prior to closing Worldox.

Note: By Worldox design, the Worldox Cloud interface minimizes to your task bar when opening a document. It's done to work around a focus issue that will occur unless its minimized.


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