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13.3. Create Find Templates Looking Across Cabinets

You may need to create a Find Template that finds documents in multiple cabinets based on the Document Type.

For example, you might want to find all correspondence for a client in the Tax, Client and Insurance Cabinets.

  • Open a Search Card

  • Select the cabinets in which you wish to search

  • When you select the "Doc Type" button you will be presented with the list of cabinets.
  • Select one of the cabinets
  • The look up table will open for that cabinet.

  • Select the Document types

  • Select the next cabinet

  • Lather, rinse and repeat until all the doc types from the cabinets are selected.

  • Select Options -> Save Template

  • The Save Find Template will open

  • Type a name for the template

  • Make appropriate selections as follows:

    On Selection:

    • Show Template - brings up the Search Card with your template criteria filled-in (allowing you to review or modify the search)
    • Perform Search - bypasses the Search Card and provides the search results
  • Who Sees It - Your selection here will make your template available to others if you are a Worldox user that can make global changes,  for either:

    • Only Me - creates a private template
    • Everyone - creates a public template
    • Groups/Users - groups or specific users you have designated to be allowed or blocked from using this template (this is useful when requesting sensitive materials, e.g. personnel, financial statements, etc.)
  • Click "OK"

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