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11.8. Indexing Email Attachments

Worldox Professional

If your firm wishes to text index email attachments, you must enable the setting. 

Here's how:

Note:  In order for the Indexer to index email attachments (and .msg files) the Indexer must have Outlook installed.

  • From the Windows Start menu, type the following (where "X" is the network location of Worldox):

    X:\Worldox\wdadmin.exe /ini

  • Hit Enter.  This will launch the administrative properties dialog

  • Select the WDIndex tab

  • Select the category "Common Options" and set the "Index Email Attachments" setting to "Yes"

  • .After enabling the feature, perform an INIT on the text indexes. The Worldox Indexer performs INITs once a week by default and that time can be identified in WDInexer and then checking the schedule

Worldox Cloud

If you wish to Index your email attachments, please notify Trumpet by sending an email to support@trumpetinc.com.

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