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11.3. Why the Indexer should not run on a Server

Worldox Professional

We encourage our clients to set the Indexer up as a separate workstation rather than running it on the server for the following reasons:

  1. Worldox creates a C:\Worldox folder on each workstation which contains a local mirrored copy of Worldox (this is important for several reasons).  If your server has the C drive shared (which is common), this can cause all kinds of confusion at the user workstation level.
  2. The indexer should be accessible to Trumpet, your in-house Worldox manager, and other employees that may need to have access to the Indexer if your in-house Worldox manager is away.  Many firms do not wish to provide server access to all employees or vendors for security purposes, so if the Indexer is on the server, we could run into accessibility issues.
  3. The Indexer software should be left running 24/7.  After hours, the Indexer performs a nightly and weekend maintenance rebuild, which can interfere with other maintenance processes and services running on the server.
  4. Lastly, and most importantly, Worldox recommends NOT running the Indexer software on the server.

If you are trying to avoid maintaining a separate workstation (or the cost of purchasing an additional workstation), you might consider running the Indexer on a Virtual Machine - this works well for several of our clients.

Worldox Cloud

Worldox hosts your Indexer software, therefore, this article is not relevant to you!

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