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7.4. Edit a Code

You may need to edit a field code in Worldox.  For example, you may not know an account number when you first begin to save documents for that account, or a client may get married or divorced and you want to have their client code properly reflect their name change.


This isn't as simple as editing the client code field in Worldox.  Remember, Worldox uses the field code to create an underlying folder structure in which the documents are stored.  Here's an example of the Worldox Document Repository's underlying folder structure:

You can see that the files on the right are filed in the directory structure notated on the left.

When you change the code in the code lookup table, you're changing where documents will be filed in the future - but not where they currently exist. 

To take things one step further, if you edit the code lookup table but do not move the existing documents accordingly, you will not be able to easily search for those documents by their code because it will not longer exist in the lookup table.

Trumpet refers to these files "Orphaned".  Now that you understand the implications of editing a code in Worldox incorrectly, let's discuss how you can do it properly.

Changing a code in Worldox is a three-step process:

  1. Search for documents already in the system
  2. Edit the code
  3. Edit the profile of the documents filed to Worldox

How to Edit a Code that Appears in a Single Cabinet

Let's get started:

  • Ensure that the code is only in one cabinet (if editing a client code, see "How to Edit a Code that Appears in Multiple Cabinets", below)
  • Perform a search for all documents assigned to the code you wish to change
  • Select Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select all the documents
  • Select the Edit Profile button
  • Select the field in which you wish to edit the code
  • Highlight the code you wish to edit and change the value
  • Ensure the remainder of the fields in the Edit Profile dialog contain the asterisk
  • Select "OK" to edit the profile of the documents to appear under the new code

How to Edit a Code that Appears in Multiple Cabinets

Let's get started:

  • First, perform a search for all documents assigned to the code you wish to change.  Be sure to search in *all* cabinets in which the code appears (e.g., if editing a client code, search across all cabinets with a Client field)
  • In the Worldox search results screen, add the "Cabinet Name" column to your column headers (right-click in the header area and select "Cabinet Name")
  • Single-click on the Cabinet Name column to sort by cabinet
  • Highlight the last file in the list for the first cabinet
  • Right-click on the checkbox and choose "Tag > Above Highlight". This will check all files for this first cabinet in the list
  • Select the Edit Profile button
  • The Edit Profile window will appear
  • Make sure to change all fields to asterisks (*) except the code that is being edited.  If the fields list a specific value, such as "MULTIPLE" rather than "*", it must be changed to an asterisk
  • Open the Field Code Lookup Table for the value you wish to change (e.g. Client, or AcctNo)
  • From the lookup table, highlight the code you wish to change and select the "Edit" button:
  • Edit the code
  • Select "OK"
  • In the Field Code Lookup Table, select your newly edited code
  • Click "OK" in the Edit Profile window
  • Depending on how many files were selected, it may take several seconds or minutes for Worldox to re-profile the files
  • Now, back in the Worldox Search Results list, you will no longer see those documents
  • Select all the documents in the next cabinet
  • Select the Edit Profile button
  • Select the newly edited code from the field code lookup table
  • Lather, rinse, repeat until all documents in all cabinets are re-profiled under the new code
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