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6.1. Introduction to Adding Values

You will need to add new clients as they come into your firm, new account numbers when clients open new accounts, and occasionally even add categories and doc types as your firm adds new services, etc.

You must add values while you are in the process of saving the first document for that new client, account or document type.

Select the table in which you want to add the values by clicking on the label

When the Code Look Up table opens, select the "Add" button

Add the new field code and the description.

If you are working within a field that is linked to another field (e.g., AcctNo linked to Client), the window will look slightly different.  In this case, you will have some additional options:

  • You can add the account number under all client codes (which means that this account number will be linked to *every* client in Worldox.  This is typically not desirable unless adding a global account number that should appear for all of your clients, such as "N/A")
  • You can add the account number as linked to a particular client.  For the most part, you will want to use this option.  Note that in order for correct linked client to appear, you must have first highlighted on the correct client in the lookup table, before clicking the "plus" icon

NOTE:  You should *not* add values to code look up tables while in the process of searching for documents, as the "linked to" radio button will not appear and you will be forced to add the linked value to all clients.


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