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3.7. Naming Conventions

Naming conventions help ensure that all users are saving documents with clear and/or consistent descriptions.  Naming a file can be difficult because it's incredibly "free form".   When naming documents, it's important not to be redundant or do unnecessary typing.  For example, there's no need to type a document date into the Description field.

It's also a good idea to use naming conventions in your Quick Profile templates so you have some firm-wide guidelines on how to title documents.

The following are not necessarily recommendations, but ideas to consider when making an internal decision:

Applications there is often nothing to add that wouldn't be redundant, so keeping it simple with little typing, such as App, is best
Beneficiaries whether it is the initial beneficiary or a change to a beneficiary + beneficiary name
Checks dollar amount and the year to credit the contribution or check number
Correspondence the subject line or regarding line

Distributions dollar amount and period (one time, quarterly, etc.)
Insurance policies whose policy it is + type + amount
Journaling since multiple accounts are involved, add the description as where the money moved to
Legal documents whose document it is
Paystubs whose pay stub it is + employer name
Service forms the form name
Statements the month it is covering
Tax returns whether it is federal or state return
Trades the date of trade
Transfers where the transfer initiated from

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