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3.5. Printing to the Adobe PDF print driver

For 32 bit operating systems

Printing to the Adobe PDF print driver should immediately display the Worldox Save As dialog (if it does not, you may not have enabled Save PDF hook integration for the specific application you are printing from)

For 64 bit operating systems

Worldox is not able to integrate directly with the Adobe PDF print driver.  Instead, we suggest that you configure the Adobe PDF print driver to automatically save and open the PDF.  Once the PDF is open, you can save the file to Worldox using Acrobat's File->Save As command.

Here are specific steps for configuring the Adobe PDF print driver for 64 bit operation:

  • Create a folder on your desktop called 'Print to PDF'

  • In the application you wish to print from, initiate a print job, choose the Adobe PDF print driver, then click Properties (some applications have a button labeled Preferences instead):

  • Next to the Adobe PDF Output Folder field, click the Browse button:

  • Navigate to the 'Print to PDF' folder on your desktop and click OK

  • Ensure that the View Adobe PDF results checkbox is selected

  • When you are done, the dialog should look like this:

  • Finally, click OK, then Print

  • A PDF of your document should open automatically (without prompting you for a filename)

  • Now Click File->Save As and save the file to Worldox

    Tip: If you get prompted to Replace or Save as New File, choose 'Save as New File'

The above procedure will need to be performed once per application.  After it has been configured for a given application, you can just print to the Adobe PDF print driver and save the PDF document that opens.

Periodically, you will need to delete the files in the desktop\Print to PDF folder

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