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3.2. Save a Document - WorkZone

Using WorkZone is a simple way to file any type of file into Worldox.  Through the WorkZone icon on your desktop, simply drag a file such as a Word document, e-mail message, e-mail attachment or graphics file and drop it in the WorkZone icon.  This allows you to drag-and-drop any type of application file into Worldox.  It also allows you to file templates (.dot or .xlt) files into Worldox.

The WorkZone icon appears on your desktop when Worldox is launched and looks like this:

To Use WorkZone:

  • Select a file (e.g. from your desktop, from an e-mail, or from your Windows directory)
  • Drag and drop the document into WorkZone to copy the file to Worldox
  • When the WorkZone icon changes to a yellow folder icon with a "+", release your mouse
  • A profile card will appear
  • Complete the profile card, and select "OK"

Note: You can also drag multiple documents at once! Use this if you want to file multiple documents into the same Wdox location.

To make WorkZone always be on top of the windows of your desktop:
  • Right-click on the WorkZone icon
  • Select "Always on Top"

You also might want to change the size of the WorkZone icon:

  • Right-click on the WorkZone icon   
  • Select "Sizes"
  • Choose Small, Medium or Large
If you prefer not to display the WorkZone icon:
  • Right-click on the Worldox icon in your system tray
  • Select "Disable WorkZone"

Note: To re-enable WorkZone, right-click on the Worldox icon in your System Tray and choose "Enable WorkZone"

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