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8.1. Change Virtuoso to use a different CRM

Virtuoso is set to query a particular CRM.  If you obtain a different CRM, you will need to adjust the settings to reference the new one.  Here's how:

  • Right click on the Virtuoso icon in the system tray by your clock
  • Select Settings
  • In the Contact Management tab of the Settings window, select the "Change" button:
  • In the Choose Contact Manager window, select your CRM from the list
  • Confirm that you wish to change the contact manager for all users by selecting "Yes"

Note:  This is a global setting that will change the CRM referenced for all Virtuoso users.  In addition, the very first time you select a Virtuoso search in the new CRM, you will be prompted to identify which Worldox Code you should like to the record.  

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