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8.1. Ongoing Care and Feeding

Symphony Profiler does require attention to ensure that it's running at its optimal level.

Here is the list of things that we recommend that your check on a periodic basis:

1)  Are nightly emails being sent and received? 

  • You can check Symphony Profiler Processor's "log" pane (the lower right hand quadrant) to ensure they're being sent.
  • You can also send a test email from the Symphony Profiler Processor screen
    • From Symphony Profiler Processor, select Edit -> Preferences
    • Select Email from the navigation panel on the left
    • Select "Send Test Email"
    • Ensure that you receive the message "Test email sent successfully"

2) Ensure the Daily Status Emails contain no errors.  You can see what the Daily Status Emails contain by selecting "Symphony Imaging -> Show Processor Status" in the Worldox interface (or right click on the Symphony Profiler icon in the system tray by the clock and select Show Processor Status).

  • There should be no files in the Unprocessed Input Files list.  This list should be totally empty.  If there are files in this list, find out why and clear them out.  If the user gets accustomed to having files here, users will ignore the warning dialogs in the Daily Status Notifications, not knowing when there true problems.
  • If users are scanning non-Symphony related documents into the input folders, they should consider setting up a dedicated Symphony Scanning Profile on their scanner.   While this is not mandatory, it will help with ensuring that the Unprocessed Input file list is clean.
  • Verify the unfulfilled reservations list contains only "recent" reservations.  Reservations that have aged more than 10 days will be highlighted in red, so these should be easy to recognize. 


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