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16.9. Change the Retain Originals (Back up) Location


By default, Symphony OCR will retain originals of documents it processes for between 7 and 14 days.  The retention period can be configured in the Processor Settings screen.

Symphony OCR stores these originals in the Work\Backups folder beneath the Symphony OCR installation directory (normally on the C drive of the Symphony OCR workstation).  If you wish to move the backup directory to a different volume, here is how:

Important: While you can technically change this storage location to a network drive, we strongly recommend against it.


  1. Close Symphony OCR
  2. Copy the work\backupfiles folder to the new location (this could take awhile)
  3. Locate the Config\Settings.xml file, and open it in a text editor
  4. Locate the backupFileRoot= entry and change it to point at the new location.  This value should always point at the backupfiles directory.
  5. Save settings.xml
  6. Launch Symphony OCR

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