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1.4. Install Worldox Enterprise

Manual Installation Instructions

  • You will be prompted for your serial number which will come in a password protected email from Trumpet.
  • When prompted for your user name and password, enter your Window's username and password

Automated License Number Installation

The wdSaaS client license number can optionally be read from the registry, which enables administrators to "push" the license information to all the machines in the environment via Group Policy. This will bypass the requirement to enter the license number at each workstation when installing the wdSaaS client.

wdSaaS will generate the exportable registry keys that you need by installing and licensing a single copy of wdSaaS manually:

  1. Install wdSaaS using the standard MSI package on a single machine
  2. When prompted for the license number, enter the information provided to you by Worldox
  3. Open RegEdit and navigate to [HKCU\Software\Worldox\License]
  4. Right-Click on the "License" key, and choose Export
  5. Save the required registry information to your local machine as a REG file

At this point, if this REG file is imported to all of the other machines on your network, the wdSaaS application will read the license information from the registry and bypass the manual license entry on initial load. The REG file can automatically be imported via a login script or a custom ADM file that can be added to the domain's Group Policy.

In the event that the local wdSaaS license number needs to be changed, repeat the above process to create an updated REG file with newer license information.



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