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2.4. Force 8.3 Filenames

Tip:  Forcing 8.3 filenames requires that the server be able to obtain an exclusive lock on each file and folder.  It may be desirable to perform the following operation after-hours to minimize potential for users having files open.

  1. Launch Trumpet-WDForce8dot3Names.exe
  2. Fill in the path that you wish to generate 8.3 filenames for
  3. Click "Fix"
  4. When complete, check any files or folders that couldn't be fixed.  If this happens on a small number of files, it is acceptable to ignore them.  Alternatively, re-run the the Fix after-hours

Note: This procedure must be performed from the server itself, with a path pointing to the local disk of the server – it cannot be run against a network drive.

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