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20.9. Favorites Code Look Up Table Values

In each of the Code Look Up tables, you will see a "Favorites" tab:

As you save or search for documents Worldox remembers that you have done so and adds them to the "Favorites" tab.  This can be helpful to narrow the scope of the full list of choices when you may only need to reference a handful of the items in any given table.

You can also add values to the Favorites tab if you wish to do so.

To add values to the Favorites tab: 

Right click on the value you wish to add and choose "Add to Favorites"

To remove a value from the Favorites tab, select the value in the Favorites tab and choose "Remove from Favorites"

If you prefer to see a list of your favorite values (rather than the full Code Look Up table) as your default, simply right click on the "Favorites" tab and choose "Set as Default Tab"


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