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40.27. Worldox Anti-Virus Exclusion List

Anti-virus software constantly monitors all your data. Virus software is often set to maximum protection by default, which can dramatically slow Worldox tasks or worse. Here’s a guide to configuring anti-virus software for a balance of performance and protection.


Worldox can develop performance problems if anti-virus software is not properly configured. If you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Much slower than usual operation
  • Unexplained read-only or file lock conditions
  • Unexplained missing Worldox DLL’s or EXE program files

Anti-virus settings may be the problem.

Performance problems can result from a variety of different conditions or conflicts. This article discusses how you can configure the anti-virus software package at your site for best performance with Worldox.

Worldox, like any Document Management System (DMS), is a database program. It opens, reads, and writes to large numbers of files during normal operation. Your anti-virus software constantly monitors all your data. In so doing, it can slow down your DMS. Optimal configuration of your anti-virus software is essential for efficient operation of your DMS.


Anti-virus software

Your anti-virus software shadows the processes of file opening, reading, and writing. It checks that the contents of files are all right, and confirms that files are virus-free.

Virus software is typically set to maximum protection by default. Such a setup is excessive in certain installations. It can degrade the performance of Worldox and other software on your system. It’s overkill when your virus software scans each file as it is opened to see if it has the potential to be destructive. Anti-virus software needs to be re-configured so that there is a balance between necessary protection and acceptable performance.

Your anti-virus software must be optimized. To improve the performance of Worldox, configure your anti-virus software so that Worldox databases are ignored. Once you do this, your Worldox system will immediately speed up. Once you reduce anti-virus overload, your data will still be secure; the difference is that Worldox will be able to work for you at full speed.


This process of optimization does not mean that Worldox is completely overlooked in the search for viruses. You can set your anti-virus software to scan any and all files on a regular basis, at times of the day or night when traffic on your network is comparatively light. We’ll explain how you can configure your anti-virus software so as to accomplish these goals:

  • Protect your hardware, software, and data from viruses.
  • Optimize your PC’s performance.

These are general guidelines that you can use in conjunction with your anti-virus software provider.

Types of exclusions

By “exclusion,” we mean the identification of files that should not be scanned for viruses during normal working hours. You can prevent your anti-virus software from processing files that you designate. There are two ways to do this:

  • Folder-Based Exclusion
    Some anti-virus programs allow folder exclusions. This means that you can tell the software which folders should be exempt from time-consuming scanning. If your virus software permits exclusion by folders, we recommend this option.
  • Extension-Based Exclusion
    Some anti-virus programs allow you to exclude files from scanning by extension only.

Configuration for folder-based exclusion

If your anti-virus software allows folder-based exclusion, then we advise that you exclude all the following folders from real-time scanning:

  • The folder(s) where your Worldox audit trail files are stored.
  • The folder(s) where your Worldox ISYS databases are stored. This includes both Profile and Text folders.
  • Your Worldox Shared Files folder on the network.
  • Your local C:\WORLDOX folder structure on your hard disk. Also make sure your users have “full Control” local machine rights to this folder structure on their local drive.
  • Also make sure your users have “full rights’ to ISYSaudit and to SHARED files folder structure on the network as well.
  • Your local Windows Profile/Cabinet folders for Worldox:


Please note: If you are taking a folder-based exclusion approach, then in addition to the folders mentioned above, we still need to add a couple of extension-based exclusions. *.CRS and *.LIB files are Worldox database files that are stored under document depository structures, which do not fall under the folder-based exclusion list. So be sure to exclude these two extensions along with the folders mentioned above.

Configuration for extension-based exclusion

If your anti-virus software allows exclusion only by extension, then we advise that you exclude all the extensions in the table below.

Please note:

  • All these folders contain binary or flat text files.
  • Files of this type are not prone to infection by viruses, nor do they carry viruses.
  • Excluding these types of files from real-time scanning incurs no loss of protection against viruses.


Extensions to excludeDescription
*.CNFWorldox configuration files
*.CRSWorldox folder database files
*.CTLWorldox user files
*.DOTMWord integration templates
*.FTAISYS database files
*.FTBISYS database files
*.FTCISYS database files
*.IXAISYS database files
*.IXBISYS database files
*.IXCISYS database files
*.LIBWorldox folder database files
*.LOK and *.WEARWorldox lock files
*.PDS and *.PDTWorldox indexer posting files
*.WATWorldox audit trail files
W*.INIWorldox system initialization files
W*.INAWorldox INI sync Files
*.FT?If you can’t use a wildcard,
these are the specific
file names:
Worldox tables
*.IX?If you can’t use a wildcard,
these are the specific
file names:
Indexes for Worldox tables
EAFILE.PANWorldox Doc ID number file
EAFILE*.WD2Profile field tables
*.XLAMExcel integration templates
Temp files
Worldox Version backup files

If you have questions, please contact World Software Technical Support.

Call:   1 (201) 444-3290

Email:  support@worldox.com

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