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2.13. Background File Transfer - Worldox Cloud


Worldox Cloud users have the challenge of scanning to a location on their local network, and getting the files into the Worldox Cloud. Symphony Profiler provides an excellent solution for this scenario, combining the power of pre-profiling with a powerful background file transfer feature.

How It Works

The background transfer is quite intelligent. Features include:

  • Delayed transfer will let the file age 30 seconds prior to moving it to ensure the file is fully created before obtaining an exclusive lock on the file and then beginning the transfer.
  • Bandwidth throttling (though in practice we don't find this is necessary in most cases). You can watch the file transfer progress in the BFT window.
  • Automatic restart (if the user terminates their remote desktop connection half way through a transfer, it will pick up again as soon as the user re-connects)
  • File transfer happens inside the secure channel of the remote desktop session itself, so there is very little special configuration required (the user does have to enabled sharing of their local disks in the remote desktop session)
  • No software installation required on the remote PC (other than whatever scanning software the user wishes to use)

Here's a typical use-case:

  1. User Verifies the background file transfer is running: Enable the background file transfer by selecting "Symphony Imaging > Enable Background Transfer"
  2. User makes reservation in Worldox Cloud
  3. User places the cover sheet on the physical paper
  4. User repeats the process, accumulating a to-be-scanned stack
  5. User scans the stack on their local scanner and saves the results to a standard location on their local C drive and / or can also scan to a network drive on their local servers
  6. The Symphony Profiler background file transfer mechanism reaches through the Worldox Cloud, and pulls the file from the local scans folder or the network drive.  The file is then placed in one of the Symphony Profiler monitored folders on the Worldox Cloud


Configuration is made in the settings of the user's Symphony Profiler Workstation instance running inside the remote desktop session.

  • Select Symphony Imaging > Open\Start Scans Transfer from the Worldox menu (or right-click on your Symphony Profiler system tray icon and select Background Transfer).  This starts the scans transfer.
  • Select Symphony Imaging > Open\Start Scans Transfer from the Worldox menu again in order to view / configure the locations
  • Check the 'Enable...' checkbox
  • In the From field, specify the source folder (this will be a TSCLIENT\ based path) on the hard drive of the user's remote PC      
    • It will be formatted like this: \\tsclient\C\users\yourname\Documents\SymphonyScans
    • If this is not being used in a Cloud installation then a direct path name is used (ie: C:\users\yourname\....)
    • Note: This field does not support UNC paths
  • The To field will already contain the Symphony Profiler Processor's monitored Folder, so no need to change that

Below is an example of what it should look like. In short: if you're a Cloud user who needs to configure this, copy the path of your folder location and insert \\tsclient\ before the drive letter, then remove the colon ":" from after your drive letter. You should be set! You'll notice that the "Resume" button will be enabled once you've identified a valid path.


  1. Scan your documents into the folder designated in your "From" field
    Note: ANY document put into that folder will be moved into the Cloud
  2. Enable the background file transfer by selecting "Symphony Imaging > Enable Background Transfer"
  3. Once you select that option from the Worldox menu, the software will automatically begin the background transfer of files, if you'd like to see progress of the transfer, you can select "Symphony Imaging-> Open\Start Scans Transfer" to see the progress
  4. If you happen to be looking at your source folder then you will see your files disappear as they are transferred to the Cloud

If there is an issue connecting to the Cloud, background file transfer problems are reported via system tray notification (a pop up).

If the From or To folder for background file transfer are not available, the Symphony Profiler Workstation will retry up to 30 seconds before showing a warning.  After the warning is shown, it will wait for the polling delay (60 seconds by default), then try again repeatedly.

Important Safety Tip

Symphony's background transfer process is essentially piggy-backing on the WDSaaS connection.  Which means that if you close or restart Worldox Cloud, it's severing the connection to the server.  So any time you restart Worldox, you'll need to restart the background file transfer as well. 

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