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40.13. What is Active Directory Integration? (Worldox Advanced Security)


When a document is filed to Worldox, the file is actually stored to your file server, in a document repository folder called "Docvault".  

If a firm has basic Worldox security enabled, restrictions are placed on who has access to what areas of Worldox - so that certain users may not be able to file to or retrieve from certain areas *within* Worldox.  However, the user could manually navigate into the document repository via Windows Explorer and still access the documents.

What is Active Directory Integration?

Active Directory integration, also referred to as Worldox Advanced Security, pushes the basic Worldox security model into your Windows document repository.  This effectively prevents users from circumventing Worldox security and accessing restricted files through the file server.

Technical Overview

Worldox has a two-tier security enforcement model.  The first tier consists of enforcement inside the Worldox application itself (Trumpet handles this).  The second tier involves pushing the behavior of the Worldox security model into the NTFS security on the file system (your System Administrator will need to handle this).  When the second tier is enforced, the Worldox Indexer is responsible for interpreting the Worldox security requirements and pushing those settings into NTFS.  It does so by integrating with the Active Directory of the site.

The overall approach involves the following components:

  • File Server - stores the document repository (also called the 'DocVault') and enforced NTFS security

  • Domain Controller - runs Active Directory, which manages Users and Groups that Worldox will use to enforce NTFS security

  • Indexer PC - performs background processing to create necessary Active Directory groups, adjust membership of those groups, and to push security for those groups into NTFS for the appropriate folders and files

System Requirements

Domain Controller must be Windows Server 2003 or above, with Active Directory enabled

How Do I Enable Advanced Worldox Security?

Please contact Trumpet at support@trumpetinc.com.  We'll send you a quick punch list for your System Administrator to complete, to prepare your server for Active Directory.  Once this is complete, Trumpet will log into your Indexer to apply the Active Directory settings to Worldox.

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