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1.2. Database Connection Set up

Assemblage often utilizes a firm's existing SQL Databases to collate various pieces of content.  Trumpet establishes those connections via Windows authenticated connections. 

This configuration is available from the main Assemblage application, Tools->Preferences, Database connections:

You can have multiple Database connections

To add a database connection, select "Add"

When the "Add..." window opens, provide a Connection name (typically the name of the software):

The Connection URL field should be completed as follows:


Where you replace the "<servername>" with the actual server name, <databasename> with the actual database name and <instancename> with the actual instance name

e.g. jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://SRV2014/JUNXURE;instance=JUNXURE

e.g. jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://SRV2014/PC;instance=PORTFOLIOCENTER


If your SQL server requires SSL encryption, you will need to add ssl=required to the end of your Connection URL. 

e.g. jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://SRV2014/JUNXURE;instance=JUNXURE;ssl=required

e.g. jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://SRV2014/PC;instance=PORTFOLIOCENTER;ssl=required


To ensure that you have access to the appropriate database, select "Test Connection"

If your connection is set properly, you will see the a green check, along with the dialog that says "Successful connection made!"

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