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2.1. Use the Worldox Autofiler Tool

  • Navigate to X:\Assemblage\Tools (where "X" is the network drive to which Assemblage is installed) and double click on the "Worldox Autofiler" tool
  • Upon launching the software, you will be prompted to select a configuration

  • Double click on the configuration file or Select "Choose another" and navigate to the X:\Assemblage\Workspace\Worldox Auto Filer\Config\ folder to select the configuration file (where "X" is the network drive to which Assemblage is installed)
  • Navigate to the location where the documents you wish to auto-file are stored
  • Drag and drop the files from this folder onto the Worldox Autofiler tool
  • Review any problems, and select "Save Files"
  • If you wish to cancel the file saves at any point in time, select "Cancel" (any files that have a green check in the Save Result column will have been saved, and you will need to delete them directly from Worldox)

Note:  You can drag entire folders to the Worldox Auto Filer, however, you cannot drag .zip files to the Worldox Auto Filer

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